Experience, quality, performance, reliability, low maintenance systems and high customer satisfaction are synonymous with the Fraste name around the world.  There are approximately 1500 Fraste drills in operation, and the company enjoys a repeat-buyer rate of 95%. Customers consistently tell us they are very pleased with the quality, performance, and reliability of their Fraste drills, reporting drill up-time as high as 97%.  Here is a sample of what our customers have to say about Fraste: 

"Geotech Drilling Services has been using Fraste manufactured equipment since 2006.  Based on the functionality of these drill rigs, Geotech has increased their fleet to 12 drills, and 5 various models to facilitate the needs of our clients throughout various industry sectors.  The multi-purpose options associated with the models of drills offered by Fraste, allows our company to adapt and transition different methodologies and capabilities as market demand dictates.  The versatility and robust design(s) offered by Fraste is a tremendous advantage in remaining competitive and versatile in the drilling services market for our company." -  Jody Lambert, President

MARL works closely with Fraste to ensure this tradition of customer satisfaction continues here, and we are  proud to be the official Fraste dealer for North America.  We have helped many satisfied customers find the perfect drill, and we are highly experienced in mounting Frastes on North American trucks.  We ensure you get the parts you need by stocking commonly used inventory, and are expert as expediting fast shipment from the factory when required. 

Fraste offers a wide range of rotary drills for many industries, including Geothermal, Geotechnical/ Environmental, Water Well, Construction and Mining. We present a small number of their drills here that we have found to be most popular in North America.  

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