Q1. How much does that drill cost?
A. It depends. We don’t mass produce drills, because we find each client wants different options or has special requests. Once we’ve had an in-depth discussion with you, we prepare a quote based on your needs.

Q2. When will my new drill be ready? Do you have it in stock?
A. This varies, and depends on many factors including what type of drill you’ve ordered, and how much customization you require. In order to keep costs down, we don’t carry a large inventory of completed equipment. When ordering a Fraste or Ripamonti, delivery times are typically in the three-month range. Please contact or call us to inquire.

Q3. Do you have any used drills for sale?
A. We often do. Check our website regularly, or contact or call us.

Q4. Are your drills more expensive than the more common brands?
A. Cheaper drills are easy to find, and if all your drilling is in easy conditions, you are probably better off purchasing from one of our competitors. However, the old adage that you get what you pay for is magnified when making a purchase as significant as a drill. Our customers make money with our drills by saving money for their clients. For example, the MARL M 10 routinely drills into sedimentary bedrock, obtaining excellent core. Telling a client they do not need the expense of finishing the job with a rotary or diamond drill instantly puts you ahead of your competition. In addition, because our drills feature fewer parts than a typical drill, there is less to breakdown, and the high-quality components and fabrication contribute to drills that are productive many years, and in some cases, decades, after the purchase.

Q5. I want a small drill. That will cost a lot less than a large drill, right?
A. We get asked this a lot. While you may think a smaller drill should be half the cost of a larger one, that is not always the case. The largest cost items are the engine and the components, and we use the same high quality on all our drills, regardless of size.

Q6. How much torque does it have?
A. We publish the MARL M- Series torques as “True Torque.” Most drill manufacturers publish the theoretical torque, which is always higher than the torque that is actually delivered to the auger. This is highly misleading for many reasons. What actually matters to the performance of the drill is how much torque is actually delivered to the auger. Unless you are planning to magically attach your drill stem directly to the engine, theoretical torque is not a good indicator of how much power you’ll actually get at the drill head. When comparing drills, it is important to understand these differences. Our clients tell us repeatedly their MARL drills routinely outdrill competing machines that have much higher published torques.

Q7. Why do some of your drills have aluminum decks and towers?
A. Aluminum has the advantage of being lighter than steel, without compromising strength, which allows the drill to carry more supplies without overloading. Over time, this contributes to less wear and tear and longer rig life. Our decks and towers are highly engineered for strength and durability. Aluminum has proven durable for us for many years in the field, and has the added advantage of not rusting. This provides yet another long-term time and cost savings, as it eliminates trips to the paint shop and keeps your drill looking great.

Q8. What happens if I need parts? How long do I have to wait? Can I get parts if I'm in the U.S.?
A. We inventory a large selection of common wear and tear items for our M Series as well as our third party lines. Often we can get you what you need the next day. We have drills working all over the world, and are experts in shipping, no matter the address. If the unforeseen happens and we need to order a part from the original manufacturer, you can be assured we will work hard to expedite a fast delivery. Unlike some manufacturers, we don’t make you buy common items, such as spark plugs, from us. You’ll find those types of items at your local store.

Q9. If you are drill specialists, why do you carry non-drill products, such as IHI and Canycom?
A. Both IHI and Canycom are quality manufacturers that fit well with our philosophy of excellence in value, performance and design. We use both lines to build tracked drills on as well as a variety of support equipment. Clients from many non-drilling industries can also buy from the wide range of products offered, with the same excellent service and support we give our drilling clients. Municipalities, construction companies, landscapers and agriculture folks can find many machines, ranging from motorized walk-behind dumpers to brush cutters to help their businesses thrive.

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