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The MARL M Series provides a full range of auger drills for those who want a superior quality drill that will outperform the competition and provide the ultimate in operator safety and comfort. 

The clean, streamlined appearance that is a hallmark of a MARL drill is the result of thoughtful engineering that removes the finicky and often dangerous moving parts found on cat heads, kellys, kelly bearings, and right-angle drives, replaced by hydraulic power.  Fewer parts to break down on the job mean greater efficiency and a better bottom line. The drill is powered by the vehicle's engine, providing more efficiency than a deck engine, plus greater deck space for hauling supplies, often eliminating the need for support equipment. 

Another distinguishing feature is the generous use of stainless steel and in some cases aluminum on most models. These materials prove their value through longer life and in the case of aluminum, excellent strength without additional weight.  Each drill can be customized to suit your individual needs. 

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