Solutions For Your Drilling Challenges

Whether you need an everyday workhorse, or a solution to the toughest drilling challenges, MARL Technologies is your source.

Our M series auger drills offer outstanding performance, durability and ease of use. Our Fraste and Ripamonti rotary drills are proven performers throughout the world  for tough rotary/ coring jobs, geothermal installations, and construction applications.  As a platform for sonic / resonant drilling, the Fraste line up truly excels. 

If you need something custom built, our team of professional engineers and tradespeople work closely with our clients to deliver industry-leading equipment, such as the MARL SubSea drill, and CPT trucks. 

Complementing our drill line is IHI and Canycom tracked carriers and small tracked construction machines. These are perfect for many applications, including drill carriers, support vehicles, landscaping and construction.  Learn More →


MARL Technologies was founded in 1977 when we saw the need for equipment that had dramatically enhanced reliability and production in the harsh environment of the high Arctic.  As is still the case today, no one made drills robust enough to perform well in temperatures far below the breaking point for most machinery.  Extremely remote job sites meant getting parts for repairs was difficult, if not impossible.  

This was the origin of our philosophy that if troublesome and unnecessary components were removed, and those that remained were chosen or built with care, there would be fewer parts to break down, and fewer hazards for the operator. 

As a result, our design team has eliminated high-maintenance components such as deck engines, clutches, transmissions, kellys, kelly bearings and right-angle drives. Owners appreciate the fact they never have to repair these old technology items, or worry they will let them down on the job.

Research and Development

We invest significant time and resources to product research, development and testing.  The result is modern, powerful drills unlike any other on the market. We continually evaluate and institute new processes and components where it adds value to the end product.  Over the years, we have always taken note of client and operator feedback about our drills and made these central to our design goal. 

That goal is simple. We want to help our clients choose a drill that gives them maximum productivity, reliability, and the best value for them money. We believe that better, safer drills give our clients superior value for their dollar on every project, while helping ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day. 

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. For example, our team of professional engineers were awarded the Alberta Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) Summit Award for Project Achievement for the MARL SubSea drill.  Our team designed this drill to meet client specifications that, among other criteria, be capable of obtaining quality samples while sitting on the seabed floor at depths down to 3,000 m  (9,842 ft).  The MARL SubSea quickly garnered appreciation for setting new seabed sampling production records. 

A Higher Commitment to Excellence

We are recognized by the National Truck Equipment Association’s  (NTEA)  Member Verification Program (MVP).  Manufacturers who achieve MVP status are recognized as having achieved a higher commitment to excellence by their effective use of safety and quality standards. 

The same technology, expertise and craftsmanship goes into all our products, whether you are looking for an every day workhorse that will out produce and outlast the competition, or if you need something out of the ordinary for those special jobs.

Products and Services

Choose from our versatile M Series auger drills, or let us help you find the perfect rotary/ coring drill from the outstanding lineup from Fraste or Ripamonti.   Fraste drills are also excellent for sonic/ resonant drilling, as well as applications in mining and construction.  The Ripamonti line excels when you need a smaller rotary drill, for limited access or heli-portable situations. 

If you have something out of the ordinary in mind, ask us. We have partnered with many clients over the years to create equipment that is perfectly suited to their needs, including limited access, dual purpose drills, CPT units, geothermal, extreme location/ climate, and mine drilling.   

As dealers for equipment from IHI and Canycom we offer high-quality tracked carriers and other machinery. These durable and well-designed machines are useful in many industries, including, construction, landscaping and agriculture. 

Machining available for a wide variety of projects, just call us to discuss.