Northern Canada Power Commission, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT

MARL Technologies designed a built a specially modified air trac drill and rotary head to complete a complex project in the Arctic. 

The Northern Canada Power Commission (NCPC) were letters synonomous with power generation and distribution in Canada's north until 1988.  At Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, power was generated by diesel engine powered generators. The power generation facility was housed in a steel building with low headroom and a slab on grade foundation.

As is often the case in permafrost regions, heat transmission through the floor slab caused degradation of the permafrost beneath the slab. The related electrical switch gear was sensitive to movement through settlement. NCPC engaged our client to install a pipe pile foundation system under their floor at the Tuk facility. 

The job was a touchy one to say the least. The area was very small and cramped requiring rearrangement of panels and materials prior to the drilling of each hole. The MARL drill performed well and allowed the client to perform the job on time and on budget.