We're heading to Nashville!

As the NGWA Groundwater Week show heads to Nashville this year, we are looking forward to showing two of our best sellers from the Fraste line of drills... the ML and PL.G.   Both drills are designed with the trademark Fraste excellence, both in details of design and manufacturing.  

Our friends from Fraste will also be hosting a booth, which will include their fantastic new foundation drill, the MITO 8.  

Our ML will feature the  eSPT digital SPT hammer.   We are getting a lot of excited feedback from the engineering community, who are thrilled at the prospect of receiving site data that is much more accurate than previously available.  Armed with data they can actually rely on, they can carve out huge savings for their clients by reducing the need to include the "fudge factor" in over-designed foundations.   

Drilling contractors who have been early adopters of the system are using the eSPT to stand out from their competitors, offering a service their clients are excited about.   Best of all, they report the system is easy and enjoyable to use.  We know some people are intimidated by technology on a drill rig, but we urge you to stop by so we can show you there is nothing to fear, and everything to be gained in an increasingly digital world.