It's our 40th Anniversary!

We love what we do, and we love to have fun, so our 40th anniversary is the perfect excuse to do some extra celebrating this year.   

We were incorporated in 1977 as Mobilweld '77, and started as a small company dedicated to drill rig repair and more importantly, modification.  Founder Ron Innes couldn't find any drills on the market that could run reliably in the remote Canadian high Arctic, so he began Mobilweld to fabricate what he needed.  

Modification turned into complete rig design and fabrication and saw the addition of a professional engineering team, skilled tradesmen, and a fully-equipped manufacturing facility. We changed our name to MARL Technologies in 1995 to better reflect our focus on harnessing the power of modern technology to satisfy the demands of our customers.

From the beginning, the focus was on getting rid of old-school technology items that were prone to breaking down, and re-thinking and re-engineering drill design.  

Our philosophy has always been that there is no point trying to compete with "the big guys" in the drill manufacturing business if we can't offer something significantly better.   We know drillers are loyal to their favourite drill manufacturers, and they aren't interested in switching unless there is a very good reason to do so.  We believe we provide that reason, and are proud to say that after buying a MARL product, 99% of our customers come back for more.  

We are planning lots of fun ways to celebrate our anniversary, so please watch this space and our Facebook page for details.  And if you have any memories from "back in the day" we'd love to hear from you!