A drill by any other name will turn profits just the same...

Does your company give names to your drills?  At MARL, we've noticed over the years that many of our clients like to re-name our M-Series drills, and in particular, animal names are popular.

We're not sure why, but perhaps they feel great ownership of each piece of equipment, especially if they've requested some custom features. Or perhaps they don't want to advertise to their competitors where they get their equipment, thus maintaining a competitive advantage?

Some of the names MARL drills go by in the United States are the Warthog, the Badger, the Rhino, the Wolverine, the Mini-Mole...  Well, those are all fine and fierce creatures, and we are honored to have drills named after them.

How about your company? Any animals in the fleet?  Any hawks, eagles, Teds or Nancys???