Top 5 Reasons you should check out our Facebook Page

MARL now has a Facebook page.  Here are the TOP FIVE REASONS you should check it out:

1.  It's where we post the Really Important News. For example, we recently announced our Director of Sales, Stuart Lyle, has returned in one piece after eating a sandwich within snuggle distance of vicious wild predators.

2. There is a cute picture of a cute dog and a cute kid. C'mon, dogs and kids! You know you can't resist.

3.  Some of us at MARL are allergic to social media, but we sucked it up and did it anyways! Feeling rather proud of ourselves, actually.

4.  When you are surfing FB at work, checking up on your friend's latest relationship status, or Aunt Bee's cat pictures, you can quickly switch to the MARL FB screen if your boss walks by.

5. And finally, did we mention, DOGS! CUTE KIDS! DANGEROUS WILD ANIMALS!  And sometimes even drill stuff. It's only a matter of time before we find an excuse to post funny cat videos.

Check it out HERE: