MARL eSPT revolutionizes the old, often unreliable Standard Penetration Test

We are excited to announce our latest improvement in drilling technology, the eSPT®.

The new, patent-pending eSPT® system from MARL Technologies provides geotechnical engineers and project owners the ability to reliably and accurately acquire in-situ Standard Penetration Test (SPT) data that, for the first time, reliably and verifiably conform to industry standards.  

Test results are uploaded upon completion of each test for online viewing, giving project managers faster and more complete project situation awareness, aiding the real-time management of drilling programs.  Compliance with industry standards is easily verified during and after each test.  

The system completes the test automatically, incorporating all aspects of the industry standard into the system logic.  

Use of the eSPT® system enables geotechnical engineers to begin collecting the high quality data called for in new and emerging professional design standards.

  • Compliance with industry-standard test requirements stipulated by project owners, professional bodies, insurers
  • Consistent, monitored and verifiable test performance
  • Elimination of human error operating, measuring, counting, and recording
  • Improved project management productivity through streaming data
  • Eliminates client pain-point of unreliable data in traditional SPT

Applications In-situ geotechnical testing used in conjunction with:

  • Solid auger
  • Hollow Stem auger
  • Rotary / Sonic (limited availability)

MARL is a leader in improving and advancing drilling technology. Like the electronic safety curtain unveiled in 2014, the eSPT is the first of its kind.   Don't miss it's debut at the NGWA Groundwater Expo, Dec. 15-17, 2015.